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On-Demand Webinar: To Learn How Payers Can Automate Prior Auth at Scale with AI. View Now.


Comprehensive Risk Coding & Compliance with AI

This virtual panel explores how AI analytics can help your government risk programs improve coding accuracy by supporting prospective risk capture, compliant retrospective HCC chart reviews, and a full understanding of where there may be unsupported codes.

What You’ll Learn

  • What factors are contributing to a renewed investment in compliant retrospective reviews and prospective risk adjustment programs
  • How risk adjustment program strategies and solutions need to shift in light of changing regulatory and market pressures
  • How technology can help risk adjustment teams achieve complete, accurate, and timely submission of risk-adjusting diagnoses
  • What data, processes, and technologies are needed to support a successful prospective risk adjustment program


  • Panelist: Terry Ward, SVP of Solutions
  • Panelist: Bryan Lee, VP of Solutions
  • Moderator: Mark Scott, CMO

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