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The Apixio Apicare Platform is an AI-powered patient phenotyping system that uses longitudinal healthcare data to develop complete medical profiles.

Platform overview

Our Apicare Platform surfaces actionable, data-driven insights for plans, providers, and other healthcare organizations to improve administrative, clinical, and financial outcomes.


Healthcare organizations can measure performance for risk, quality, utilization, and others based on structured and unstructured data from medical records and other healthcare data.


Providers can improve clinical decision-making by having a complete patient profile with the right information at the right time in the right workflow.


Our technology unlocks new discoveries to help plans, providers, and other healthcare organizations drive precision medicine and improve patient outcomes

Data Acquisition

We securely extract structured and unstructured data from charts, EHRs, claims, and other healthcare data sources, then prepare it for processing in our data and analytics pipelines.

Data Transformation

We process the data, run validation checks, and assemble it into patient-level objects for analysis. During this stage, we use our optical character recognition (OCR) pipeline to translate the data from images into machine-readable text.

Data Analysis

We analyze each patient object and extract signals that are run through proprietary AI algorithms and predictive models. These models generate insights about patient conditions, medications, procedures, encounters, and biometric values helping our providers to develop a longitudinal medical record.

Phenotype Assembly

We sort and analyze these insights for discrepancies, then create a robust patient phenotype. This phenotype is a rich, longitudinal picture of individual healthcare that powers our solutions.

Solution Output

Our solutions use phenotype data and insights to automate clinical, administrative, and operational activities.

How Apixio’s Platform Can Help You

Health Plans

Apixio’s platform helps health plans streamline administrative programs, strengthen value-based care relationships with providers, and provide a better member experience.


Apixio’s platform helps providers improve patient outcomes, increase clinician efficiency and productivity, and drive value-based care performance to manage quality, cost, and outcomes.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Apixio’s platform helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies identify patients for clinical trial recruitment, gain clinical insights with longitudinal real-world data for post-market surveillance, and impact more patients with label expansion by identifying new indications for existing drugs or devices.

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