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Measure. Care. Discover.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions assist providers in creating novel insights that will help uncomplicate the care continuum.

Trusted technology. Proven results.

Apixio’s provides risk-bearing provider organizations with a clear understanding of health and financial risks by delivering insights and predictions from analyzed medical records and unstructured data. Apixio reduces the burden of extracting and analyzing data that resides in electronic health records.  Our solutions give physicians and executives informed data related to care, payment, and operations.

Solutions for Providers

Apicare Pre-Visit

Apixio's Apicare Pre-Visit solution provides an easy-to-navigate summary of an individual's healthcare with valuable insights into risk, quality, outcomes, and clinical care. With user-friendly views integrated into clinical workflow tools, providers can easily use individual profiles to better inform care decisions and other team members can better coordinate and manage care between visits.

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Apicare Insights

Apixio’s Apicare Insights solution provides targeted AI-generated condition predictions that help providers navigate their annual wellness visits or other patient encounters. The conditions are provided along with supporting evidence so that providers can address them during a visit. Apicare Insights ensures that all relevant chronic conditions are properly addressed and managed.

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Quality Identifier

Apixio’s Quality Identifier solution uses proprietary AI algorithms to locate relevant clinical facts in medical charts. These facts are presented in an application where abstractors can easily confirm the evidence. Approved facts are then exported to quality measure engines to create an accurate measure score.

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Apixio's InfoStream solution provides a comprehensive healthcare data acquisition and integration platform that ingests clinical and administrative data securely from various source systems to assemble patient clinical profiles (phenotypes) and power AI applications. InfoStream includes intelligent optical character recognition technology to turn images such as scanned encounter notes or facsimiles into machine-readable text.

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HCC Auditor

Apixio's HCC Auditor solution ensures that reported risk adjustment diagnoses have the required supporting evidence in linked clinical encounters. AI algorithms review patient encounter data associated with submitted diagnoses and determines if documentation meets audit requirements. Those diagnoses in question are then presented to expert coders in a user-friendly application for review and approval.

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HCC Identifier

Apixio's HCC Identifier solution creates an accurate risk score for payment adjustment and care management with the least amount of time and effort. AI algorithms review patient encounter data and identify well-documented conditions unreported in claims data. These conditions are presented in a user-friendly application for expert coders to approve before submission to CMS.

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