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Transform Utilization Management with AI-Powered Digital Assistance

Evaluate medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficiency of healthcare at scale with AI-powered utilization management solution.

How We Support Utilization Management

Success in value-based care depends on directing necessary care while eliminating care that is inefficient, redundant or unnecessary. Plans are looking at digital transformation of their current operations to meet quality and cost goals. Apixio’s utilization management solution addresses the administrative burden, cost, and timeliness for human review for prior authorization. By utilizing AI within the prior authorization workflow, plans can operate with increased speed and efficiency, deliver more timely care, and reduce operational costs.

Why Plans Choose Our Utilization Management Solutions

Predictive Decision-Making

Make prior authorization decisions in seconds, not days.

Personalized Results

Generate decisions based upon your organization’s past data and decisions.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce manual reviews by up to 50%.

Enhance Care Delivery

Enable providers to deliver care in a timely manner.

Our Utilization Management Solutions

Apicare AuthAdvisor

Apicare AuthAdvisor™ generates predictive decisions based on Apixio’s industry-leading AI. Taking historical administrative and decision data, our solution is able to approve requests in seconds or escalate for clinical review.

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Transform Your Utilization Management with AI

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