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Improve the Effectiveness of Your Quality Programs

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your quality programs with Apixio’s real-time quality reporting and AI-powered abstraction solutions.

How We Support Quality Programs

The year-long quality reporting and submission process is rigorous, complex, and burdensome. Health plans and providers struggle with the need to process large volumes of structured and unstructured data to meet stringent deadlines.

Apixio’s Quality Insights solutions enable real-time processing of administrative, medical record, and supplemental data as well as AI-powered chart abstraction for non-standard supplemental data.

Why Plans And Providers Partner With Us For Quality

Faster Data Processing

Deliver actionable data with real-time data process.

Comprehensive Measure Set

Robust set of MA, ACA, Medicaid state-specific, and Commercial measures.

Get Better Results with Less Effort

Focus your reviews on charts with relevant evidence.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Find previously missed or undocumented evidence within existing documents to minimize additional data requests.

Our Quality Insights Solutions

Apicare Quality Reporting

Apixio’s Apicare Quality Reporting, powered by Interpreta Analytics Engine, is an NCQA-certified quality reporting and submission solution for HEDIS® measures that enables health plans to report and submit measure performance across their quality programs and proactively process data in real-time to achieve their Value-Based Care initiatives.

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Quality Identifier

Apixio’s Quality Identifier is an AI-powered abstraction and overread solution that helps health plans and providers close quality gaps more efficiently and accurately by streamlining the chart review process. Instead of reading through hundreds of pages of clinical documentation, abstractors are pointed directly to predicted evidence within charts that support HEDIS® measure compliance.

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Enhance Your Quality Measurement Efforts with Apixio

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