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Improve the Effectiveness of Your Quality Measurement Programs

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your quality programs with powerful evidence prediction and chart review technology.

How We Support Quality Measurement Programs

Quality measurement is an important operational activity that helps health plans, providers, and consumers assess how well a specific provider group or plan adheres to best-practice care guidelines. Quality abstractors are responsible for finding evidence of measure compliance, but often face challenging deadlines to review large volumes of unstructured data. Apixio’s quality measurement solutions support a more strategic evidence review process that maximizes output and precision.

How We Support Quality Measurement Programs

Accurately Close Data Gaps

Confirm supporting evidence for known numerator data gaps quickly and precisely.

Get Better Results with Less Effort

Focus your reviews on charts with relevant evidence so you can get more value with a lower lift.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Manage all your abstraction and overread reviews on a central platform.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Find more evidence within existing documents to minimize additional data requests.

Our Quality Measurement Solutions

Quality Identifier

Apixio Quality Identifier is an AI-powered abstraction & overread platform that helps health plans and providers close quality reporting gaps more efficiently and accurately by streamlining the chart review process. Instead of reading through hundreds of pages of clinical documentation, abstractors are pointed directly to predicted evidence within charts that support HEDIS measure compliance.

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Enhance Your Quality Measurement Efforts with Apixio

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