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Better insights for better health.

Our Story

Early Office Location
Chapter One

Make it Digital

Apixio was founded in 2009, when the federal government was pushing the universal adoption of digital health records through its Meaningful Use initiative. Our first product was created to make use of the unstructured text being recorded in these new medical records by enabling a physician to more easily search and find the information hidden away in these systems - driving better decision making at the point of care.
Chapter Two

Make it a Resource

Once we made the unstructured text from EMR machine-readable, we strengthened our platform to ensure that it could scale from tens of thousands of records to tens of millions of them. This meant that we could help payers and providers ensure they had a more accurate patient record, and we could start developing insights about cohorts. We added workflow applications that provided machine-generated insights to identify missed but supported coding opportunities, gaps in documentation, compliance, and quality.
Apixio Employees
New Office Location in San Mateo
Chapter Three

Make it Work Harder

The market has accepted the utility of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare. In other words, there is trust. Data keeps becoming more portable and accessible, and people are looking at the data to gain more insights into things like gaps in care and suspected conditions to allow earlier and more effective interventions. Over time, we’ll create a detailed profile for each patient while also looking at trends within populations. This profile — or patient phenotype — will enable us to change the way healthcare is measured, care is delivered and discoveries are made.

Our Mission

We are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to change the way healthcare is measured, care is delivered, and discoveries are made.

Core Values

We Are Collaborative

We build better when we work together. Our teams are not divided by focus but operate fluidly to ensure that goals are met, solutions are developed and each Apixion holds themselves and each other accountable for working with integrity and mutual respect.

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about what we do and have the expertise and dedication to persevere when faced with obstacles. Our success is reflective of our individual and collective grit to excel.

We Are Curious

We believe there are no dumb questions. Curiosity and creativity drive innovation at Apixio.

We Are Resourceful

We are problem solvers focused on developing industry-leading solutions. We value calculated risks that give our clients the results they need and hold ourselves accountable to ensure every project is executed with the utmost quality to drive novel insights for our customers.

We Are Customer Focused

We value transparency and integrity at every turn and with every interaction. We are dedicated to providing the very best service and hold ourselves accountable for delivering quality solutions that address our clients’ challenges and drive their success.

Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

At Apixio, our culture is one that encourages diversity and looks to expand it constantly. Our employees make our inclusive culture what it is and we provide the tools and resources they need to feel empowered and supported. Apixion’s don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk with our employee ran groups that focus on diversity and inclusion, community give back, and professional and personal growth.


What Others Are Saying

Best in KLAS

Best in KLAS

The Best in KLAS report sets the standard of excellence for software and services firms and Apixio is proud to be the leader in our industry.

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