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Introducing the Apixio Blog

Today we’re launching our blog!

American healthcare is at an important crossroads, and there are no shortage of big problems to solve. How do we represent patients’ clinical lives online with efficiency, accuracy, and security? How will recent moves in the insurance market affect how consumers get care? What is the future of risk-based contracting?

Each of these decisions will have a huge impact on people’s lives. They should be big topics of debate. Yet too often the national conversation is stuck on Donald Trump’s latest Tweet or what happened at the latest award show.

This is partly our fault. In the healthcare business, we haven’t done a great job of making this industry less complex and opaque. We use esoteric acronyms and tough jargon that exclude people from the conversation.

But our blog will be different, because our company is different. Apixio’s tech platform takes complex health information and transforms it into accessible, accurate insights. In this spirit, our blog will discuss complex healthcare topics in an approachable way.

We’ll depend on you to keep us accountable here. You can always email or tweet us with your comments and feedback.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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