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4 Ways Apixio’s Apicare Pre-Visit Solution Improves your Value-Based Care Program

With the move to value-based care (VBC) programs on the rise, risk-bearing healthcare organizations must utilize data and streamline workflows at the point of care to ensure better patient outcomes. One of the biggest challenges for clinical and administrative teams is to have a comprehensive view of the current state of the patient’s health so that clinicians can close care gaps when they matter most, when they are seeing the patient, at the point of care.

To help obtain this comprehensive view, organizations are implementing pre-visit chart prep programs but find the curation process time-consuming. They spend hours clicking through tabs in EHRs, trying to understand a patient’s medical history, medications, lab results, imaging reports, and more. However, even with this process, clinical teams are still dealing with an incomplete picture of the patient since the data outside of the EHR, like medical and pharmacy claims, may be unaccounted for in their chart prep. As a result, current practice leads to an inefficient and inaccurate manual process that does not scale for many organizations and is difficult for clinicians to rely on.

To simplify the curation process, Apixio Apicare Pre-Visit utilizes an AI-powered workflow that provides clinical staff with a comprehensive view of the patient’s longitudinal medical record. From this view, clinicians are able to discover insights that allow them to identify risk-adjustable health conditions before the patient encounters. Apicare Pre-Visit can enhance your prospective risk adjustment and VBC program with its ability to:

  1. Increase risk capture at the point of care – Our AI algorithms mine through structured and unstructured data to deliver longitudinal medical records along with evidence-based insights of known and inferred conditions.
  2. Drive operational efficiency – With our AI-assisted workflow, clinical staff are able to review 3x faster than the manual process, enabling clinicians to quickly gain complete and accurate insights about the patient’s health.
  3. Improve clinical engagement – Our solution delivers high-quality, curated insights into existing EHR workflows, enabling clinicians to spend more time on patient care.
  4. Gain actionable insights – With our solution, you have a visualization of your prospective program performance that allows teams to track and measure gap closures and identify opportunities for improvement.

It is time to take control of your VBC program. Accelerate your prospective program with Apixio’s Apicare Pre-Visit solution and achieve your VBC goals.

Learn more about our Apicare Pre-Visit solution.

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