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Risk Adjustment Compliance Solutions

Maximize your accuracy and reduce your audit risk. How much do you know about the diagnoses reported from encounter claims? Do the correct document elements exist in the source encounter notes to support submitted codes? Our proven AI technology can analyze charts to uncover risk in 85% less time than auditors working alone. Apixio’s risk adjustment compliance solutions are the new benchmark for complete insights into every claim. Maximize your accuracy and reduce your risk with the most advanced way to protect your organization from costly audits and penalties.

HCC Auditor

The ultimate in accuracy and audit protection

It is essential to “look both ways” in every retrieved chart, but the process is expensive and time-consuming. Apixio’s HCC Auditor solves these problems for your organization. Each retrieved chart is analyzed to determine the source for a reported code. Source notes are then assessed using our industry-leading machine learning algorithms to determine whether the required supporting elements are present. Coders can then make the final determination using an easy-to-use web-based application. This augmented intelligence approach helps assure your organization that you are taking the right steps for accuracy.

Using Apixio’s HCC Auditor, powered by our AI platform, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze retrieved patient charts to identify source encounter notes for reported diagnosis codes
  • Validate whether encounter notes have the required elements to support HCC codes based upon your guidelines
  • Report validated and unsupported codes
  • Confirm the integrity of your HCC submissions

Fast Facts

0 %
of HCC submissions come from provider claims data
0 %
Medicare payments lacking sufficient documentation [$6.7Billion in 2014 ]
0 %
Claims incorrectly coded
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By using Apixio, we’re improving our auditing bandwidth and enhancing the ability of our coders to focus on other chart audits and other projects that we couldn’t do before.

JoAnn Hayden
Scripps Health Plan Services
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In the past we relied on manual review of our charts. This meant lost manpower and physician time in tedious processes.

Implementing HCC Identifier has allowed us to mine EHR and scanned chart data for valid, risk adjusting conditions with improved transparency and efficiency. 

Britt Moroles
Senior Manager, Government Programs
network health

The coding team was wonderful to work with, and incorporated our specific coding guidelines when working on our project. When they noticed a trend in what we were rejecting, they shared a Coding Clinic we were unaware of for clarification on how to code the scenarios.

Josh Weisbrod
VP of Risk Adjustment
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See how our risk adjustment compliance solutions can help your organization maintain accuracy while eliminating audit risk.