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Apicare Quality Reporting:
The Real-Time Quality Reporting and Submission Solution for Improved Performance

Improve your quality program performance with an efficient and flexible real-time processing solution.

Simplify Your Year-Long Quality Reporting And Submission Process

The current quality reporting and submission process is rigorous, complex, and burdensome. Health plans need a better solution as it can take months to process data and act on compliance gaps that require closing.

Apixio’s Apicare Quality Reporting, powered by Interpreta Analytics Engine, is an NCQA-certified quality reporting and submission solution for HEDIS® measures that enables health plans and providers to report and submit measure performance across their quality programs and proactively process data daily to achieve their Value-Based Care initiatives.

The Apicare Quality Reporting Advantage

Faster Data Processing

Deliver actionable data with real-time data process.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Manage all your reporting in a centralized database.

Comprehensive Measure Set

Robust set of MA, ACA, Medicaid state-specific, and Commercial measures.

Flexible Reporting

Customizable reports based on your business needs.

How it Works

Apixio’s Apicare Quality Reporting enables our clients to report data across multiple measurement years through a centralized database. Built with the user in mind, our solution is intuitive and customizable to report different measure criteria and workflows.
With the ability to deliver updates in real-time, our quality reporting and submission solution supports plans retrospectively and monitors prospectively across the quality reporting timeline, allowing for a complete and comprehensive approach to improving quality performance.


  • Real-time data processing for prospective HEDIS® monitoring
  • Report different measurement years through a single database
  • Robust set of quality measures that covers state-specific measures
  • Single batch processing of different population sets
  • Offer year-long support for CAHPS, QHP, MRR, and IDSS Submission


  • NCQA certified for HEDIS® Medicaid state-specific and Commercial measures
  • NCQA certified across all 92 measures across 6 domains for MA

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Simplify Your Year-Long Quality Reporting and Submission with Apixio

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