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Apicare AuthAdvisor:
Accelerate Your Authorization Decisions with AI

Increase the efficiency of your prior authorization process with our powerful AI prediction technology that takes seconds, not days, to return a decision.


Automate Prior Authorization with AI

Payers are spending valuable time and resources to reach prior authorization decisions, which are resource-intensive and costly. As a result, providers experience delays in care, ultimately impacting the patient experience and outcomes.

Apixio’s Apicare AuthAdvisor™ provides AI-powered digital assistance to payers, medical benefit management teams, and other organizations by delivering predictive prior authorization decisions within the workflow to streamline decision-making for the payer and enhance provider and member satisfaction.

The Apicare AuthAdvisor Advantage


AI and machine learning allow for predictive decisions to be made on a procedure-by-procedure basis.


Faster authorization decisions within seconds rather than days.


Identify cost-savings where manual review is unnecessary.

How It Works

A part of our value-based care Apicare platform, AuthAdvisor analyzes the provider’s historical prior authorization decision data to build a custom model and then utilizes machine learning to automate decision requests within the desired workflow using APIs.


  • AI-powered digital assistance that delivers predictive prior authorization decisions
  • Better decision-making with a foundation of 28M+ transactions
  • Payer-specific models within 60-days
  • User-enabled controls to fine-tune data science models
  • Interactive reporting dashboard

More than


Volume Reduction With Apicare AuthAdvisor Over Manual Review

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