Transforming Healthcare Through Data

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Apixio’s HCC Profiler

Built upon the analysis of millions of patient charts, Apixio’s HCC Profiler uses our patented cognitive computing platform to increase Medicare Advantage (MA) risk adjustment accuracy, proficiency, and productivity.

With the HCC Profiler you can: identify codes, find documentation gaps and validate submitted codes, faster and more accurately than ever before.

The Apixio Technology Advantage

Apixio’s cognitive computing platform brings advanced insights to healthcare with the power of Big Data. Our patented technology platform includes data extraction tools, a scalable analytics pipeline, semantic concept extraction, computer learning infrastructure, flexible microservice APIs, and optimized expert review workflows. These functions work together to provide better healthcare based upon analyzing and learning from robust individual profiles.

Technology Platform Powered by Real Experience

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Reimagine Personal Health With Us

Deriving insights from unstructured healthcare data is extremely difficult.  But it is the starting point for making healthcare more data-driven and tailored to each individual. We are in the midst of a data science and technology revolution in health, and we believe that you + us will reimagine personal health.

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