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Technical interviews at Apixio

We’re excited to have you onsite to meet the team here at Apixio! Interviews can be anxiety-inducing, even if you’re been working in the field for years. We’re here to put you at ease. Don’t stress about your experience with specific languages and technologies, your amount of work experience, or your interview skills. This guide will help you nail the things that are important to us during onsite interviews.

Tip 1: Relax.

Over the course of your conversations, we’ll give you many opportunities to demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the role. Our questions are not designed to trick you or to subvert expectations. We want you to succeed.

Tip 2: Admit when you don’t know something.

Apixio operates in a relatively new space of AI-driven healthcare, which means our industry, products, and technology are complex. If we explain something and you don’t understand it, just say so. We’re happy to clarify! Showing a desire to understand communicates to us that you’re actually interested in the work you’ll be doing here (see tip #4). Also, if you say you understand something but you actually don’t, we’ll probably notice.

Tip 3: Share relevant work examples.

When we ask you about a previous experience, we’re looking for more than an interesting story. We want to know what you were able to contribute to a project, how you were able to resolve conflict, how good you were at communicating, and what new things you had to learn and how you overcame them. Asking you broad questions about your work, education, or personal projects is an opportunity for you to tell us what parts of these experiences relate to the work you might be doing for Apixio and the skills that will help you succeed.

Examples will vary depending on the role you’re applying for. If it’s an engineering role, talk about the technologies you used and the kinds of problems you solved or outcomes your achieved. If it’s a data science role, talk about the algorithms and classifiers you used and prepare to field questions about them.

Tip 4. Think out loud (e.g. show your work).

During a technical interview, it’s important to think out loud. Getting the right answer isn’t the point—we want to see your problem solving process in action. Do you break problems down into smaller parts? Do you run small experiments in order to extrapolate to more complex situations? If you don’t say anything, we aren’t really sure how you’re arriving at your conclusions. (Side note: if you know the answer right away, we’ll assume you’ve seen the question before and will probably give you a harder question. You’ve been warned.)

We also encourage you to use a whiteboard. Writing things out promotes clarity and provides structure to your response. While at the whiteboard, envision your interviewer as your colleague. Leverage tip #2 if you get stuck and work through the problem as though you were working with a teammate.

Tip 5. Come prepared.

It’s a big plus if you come to your interview with a high-level understanding of the work we do and the technology we use. (The website and blog are great resources.) We encourage you to research us beforehand—it shows you care about the role and what we do..

Additionally, please come with questions for us. Every single person who interviews you will give you the opportunity to ask questions about their teams, their work, and the company. We want people who join Apixio to be curious and excited to learn new things.

Tip 6. Wear what you want.

We’re a startup software company, so the dress code is pretty casual. Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. We’re judging your technical skills, not your fashion sense.