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In fewer than ten years Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have gone from 10% industry adoption to 90%. This expansion, which is largely due to incentives that came with the HITECH bill that preceded the Affordable Care Act, has begun the transformation of the healthcare industry from a largely paper-based to a technology-enabled services industry.

With healthcare expenditures closing in on 20% of the U.S. economy, this transformation has been a long time coming. Significant progress has been made in the deployment of medical records systems, and this has made major players of companies like Epic. However, much less progress has been made in understanding how to harness this new trove of data to improve delivery and outcomes within the healthcare system.

Enter Apixio.

Apixio was formed 5 years ago with the intent to leverage the data that the newly deployed EMR systems were putting out. We have been working diligently to learn how to harvest and harness value from clinical medical records that are now available electronically. In this time we have developed a significant software and data science platform we call Iris. We now want to take the opportunity to discuss with the healthcare community and other software and data science professionals our experiences in developing Iris and our understanding of where the value is in medical data.

Interested in being part of a great engineering and science team using data and AI to change healthcare? Check out our Careers Page.

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