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Apixio’s Announces InfoStream – An Interoperability Platform That Provides Flexible Acquisition Options For Electronic Health Records, Patient Charts, And Other Digital Healthcare Data

Efficient, automated access to major EHRs to speed time to insights

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 29, 2021 — Apixio, the AI healthcare analytics company, today announced expanded capabilities to its InfoStream™ healthcare data interoperability platform using FHIR®, EHR proprietary APIs, HL7, and other standards to automate the retrieval and extraction of EHR data and surface Apixio AI-powered insights back at the point-of-care.

With more than 1.2 billion patient care documents generated annually in the US, the lack of data interoperability between EHRs has made traditional chart retrieval and analysis slow, inefficient, expensive, unreliable, and disruptive to providers. Traditional retrieval methods are of poor quality and erode the contribution of each chart toward risk, quality, and prospective programs. These challenges have been exacerbated during the pandemic, and organizations are looking for less manual and more reliable methods to retrieve healthcare data.

To solve that problem, Apixio has partnered with leading EHR companies to enable direct, automated EHR integration and digital access to patient charts. With InfoStream™ now available in the Epic App Orchard and through direct EHR access to athenahealth, Allscripts, NextGen, Practice Fusion, and expansion into more EHRs on the horizon, customers can receive chart data faster, in real-time, and with greater transparency. This enables payers and providers access to the full depth of data contained across multiple EHRs. As a result, InfoStream™ helps surface insights from clinical data faster for integration into clinical decision-making, improved value-based care performance, and better patient outcomes.

Apixio’s integration with major EHRs also allows our clients to leverage the latest interoperability capabilities from FHIR®, EHR APIs, HL7, and more to support payers and providers in digital chart retrieval and bi-directional EHR integration. InfoStream™ closes the gap between EHR and manual retrieval through secure digital access directly to the EHR and allows for efficient and timely access to charts to support value-based activities from risk adjustment, quality, and more. In addition, with our interoperability solution, payers and providers can expect improved quality of chart and data extraction, aiding their prospective program to limit provider abrasion.

“Advances in technology like FHIR APIs and policies from CMS and ONC have continued to help unlock the potential of healthcare data interoperability,” said Sachin Patel, CEO at Apixio. “This new model increases Payer-Provider collaboration with streamlined data sharing, which ultimately leads to better care delivery through more efficient and effective value-based care programs. Optimized to enable Apixio solutions, InfoStream™ will streamline the chart retrieval process, reducing the reliance on traditional on-site chart retrieval services, and help facilitate actionable insights at the point of care.”

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