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Apixio Increases Number of Patients Analyzed by 210 Percent; Continues to Grow its Customer Base

San Mateo, Calif. – May 5, 2016 – Apixio Inc., the data science company for healthcare, today announced that it has continued to grow its volume of business, achieving 210 percent year-over-year growth in patients analyzed. Apixio’s cognitive computing platform analyzes data from more than 6 million patients and 500 million medical documents, resulting in 5 billion analytic events that together provide groundbreaking insights for healthcare. Over the past year, Apixio has continued to unveil new features for its HCC Profiler solution, elevating the accuracy and speed of medical chart review to unprecedented levels.

“We’re in the midst of a data science and technology revolution in healthcare, and the need to derive insights from unstructured healthcare data is immense. We’re proud to see more and more healthcare organizations use Apixio to transform previously difficult-to-access data into actionable patient insights,” said Darren Schulte, MD, CEO, Apixio. “We look forward to continuing this momentum as we advance features for our risk adjustment solution HCC Profiler, unveil new solutions tailored to address healthcare quality data, and bolster our leadership team to keep pace with the market demand.”

Apixio’s cognitive computing platform uses proprietary data extraction tools and machine learning algorithms to create a self-learning system. Powered by its platform, the HCC Profiler solution mines clinical charts and medical billing data to accurately compute patient risk scores three times faster than traditional chart review methods. HCC Profiler now serves 22 customers, as healthcare insurance companies and provider groups increasingly recognize the need for an accurate view of patient conditions to better coordinate and deliver care.

“Not only does Apixio automate the risk adjustment process and ensure accuracy and speed, but it does so in the face of massive healthcare changes,” said Jennifer Pereur, Director of Government Programs at Hill Physicians Medical Group. “Risk adjustment has gone through big changes in the past year including proposed changes to the audit program and significant increases in the number of Medicare Advantage patients. With Apixio, we can stay ahead of these changes and continue to turn elusive data into the catalyst for personalized care.”

Over the past three months, Apixio has unveiled new features to further increase the accuracy and speed of medical chart review, including its new Work Queue and One Click QA features. With Work Queue, coders can view the most likely HCC code opportunities first, based on data analytics, for improved productivity. Additionally, the new One Click QA feature enables coders and reviewers to work simultaneously for a more synchronized and efficient coding workflow.

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About Apixio

Powered by its cognitive computing platform, Apixio brings advanced data to healthcare by extracting and analyzing previously trapped unstructured medical record data, giving healthcare payers and providers unprecedented access to groundbreaking insights.

Apixio’s computing platform is built upon the insights from analyzing more than 6 million patient charts. Our HCC Profiler Solution mines medical charts and Medicare-reported chronic condition data to more efficiently and accurately compute patient risk scores than traditional chart review methods. HCC Profiler enables more targeted care delivery and helps Medicare set payer and provider payment for patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA), powering more cost-effective, high-quality care.

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Alyssa Marty for Apixio


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