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Podcasts   |   4.7.21

Technology: From an Enemy to an Ally of the Healthcare Industry

Inside Health Tech: Episode 1 with Bryan Lee

In the new episode of the Inside Health Tech podcast, our host, Mark Scott, welcomes Bryan Lee, a healthcare industry veteran and Vice President of Solutions at Apixio. Bryan has been in the healthcare space since the late ’80s. What brought him to the industry was his interest in the structure of the regulatory environment, the idea of applying creative processes to risk adjustment.

Bryan and Mark discuss the CMS’s decision to extend the deadlines for medicare advantage plans for final submission and its impact on payers and providers. Bryan explains the importance of artificial intelligence within the healthcare industry, but he also wonders how quickly technology can keep up with changes in medicine.

The central part of the conversation was dedicated to the challenges providers and payers are facing. Interlocutors chat about structured versus unstructured data, and Bryan concludes: ”When we enter the world of unstructured data, we begin to enrich the view of member’s profile.”

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Udorn Chanthavong