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Leveraging Technology to Treat the Whole Patient

Delivering high-quality patient care certainly comes first for all healthcare providers out there. But technology often provides a way to improve both the healthcare system and give patients what they need. To dive deeper into ways HCPs can harvest tech to achieve better results, we’ve invited Kelley Scott to our show to hear a nurse practitioner’s perspective.

Kelley has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years. She’s currently working in Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and is thriving in her role. As an HCC coding and documentation expert, Kelley knows the ins and outs of health tech and is eager to share how technology benefits the quality of care she provides.

In this episode of the Inside Health Tech podcast, our host Bryan and Kelley talk about the recurrent challenges in healthcare and how technology can address them for a more optimal workflow. If you want to hear more about how tech is driving change in healthcare, tune into our episode to find out.



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