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Podcasts   |   4.29.21

Challenges of Accessing Healthcare Data and Its Incorporation into the Systems

Tech development allows different companies and service providers to access the different kinds of data in order to deliver an excellent customer experience and facilitate the workflow. What about the data availability in the health tech industry? What are the most common challenges EHR providers face when trying to gather the essential patients’ information?

Terry Ward, a Senior Vice President of Payer Solutions at Apixio, talks about the challenges of accessing essential data in the healthcare industry, mainly clinical records and chart information. He also mentions the concept of interoperability and its benefits to the data acquisition process.

In this episode of the Inside Health Tech podcast, Terry Ward and Mark Scott discuss the changes in healthcare brought by COVID, especially in terms of technology and data. They will also mention longitudinal records, which provide more comprehensive insights into a patient’s condition and lifestyle and other critical aspects regarding the topic.

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Udorn Chanthavong