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Podcasts   |   5.13.21

Healthcare and Technology: Friends or Foes?

According to our guest, John Schneider, connectivities and technology are in every realm of our lives. Machine learning, AI, smartphones had become popular when the first iPhone was released. And all of a sudden, they are all present in the healthcare industry. But can technology be seamlessly integrated into healthcare?

John Schneider, a Chief Technology Officer at Apixio, talks about the most common challenges of using technology in healthcare. He focuses on data acquisition, structured and unstructured data, and why they represent a massive healthcare problem. Additionally, John mentions the concept of EMR, HIPAA, and all the contradictions these regulations and laws are based on.

In the latest episode of the Inside Health Tech podcast, John Schneider and Mark Scott are trying to predict health tech platforms’ future based on their current situation. Are people going to visit the doctor when their shoulder hurts or when their telemetry says so?

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Udorn Chanthavong