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Health Tech Ops: Why is it Key to Success?

We don’t give operations enough credit when it comes to health tech or tech in general. So we thought it was about time we changed that. Even though operations means different things in different organizations, one thing’s for sure: it’s a critical part of the business. In this episode of the Inside Health Tech, you’ll get to hear from our Chief Operating Officer at Apixio – Meg Holland.

Meg has been running operations at Apixio for nearly five years now. Prior to this role, she spent four years at HealthLoop as the SVP, Operations, and COO. She was also at Epocrates for nine years, as Vice President of Business Operations. With 20 years of experience in health care services, technology, and policy, it’s safe to say Meg knows the ins and outs of the health tech industry.

According to Meg, operations is, in many ways, the key to success in healthcare technology. It’s the glue that keeps the company together. So what does the term mean in the health tech industry? What are the greatest accomplishments Apixio has had throughout the years? And how has COVID-19 affected the tech teams? Tune in to the latest episode of the Inside Health Tech podcast to find out.

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