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Meet Our Teams

Learn more about the teams that support Apixio’s technology innovation and success.


Apixio’s Engineering team builds, optimizes, and maintains our technical infrastructure, applications, and features. They work closely with the Data Science team to operationalize our AI models into client-facing products.

Data Science

Apixio’s Data Science team develops, tests, and refines our AI models. They employ a variety of data science techniques, including natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning.

Data and Analytics

Apixio’s Data and Analytics team manages data ingestion, cleaning and reconciliation, pipeline development, and reporting for internal stakeholders and external clients.

Product Management

Apixio’s Product Management team works cross-functionally to identify market needs, define product roadmaps, build new features, and ensure projects in development stay on track.

Customer Success

Apixio’s Customer Success team partners with our clients to set goals, manage project executions, track performance, and support ongoing account needs.


Apixio’s Marketing team supports brand awareness, lead generation, sales enablement, and product go-to-market activities for the company.


Apixio’s Sales team works with health plans and providers across the country to identify program needs and deploy effective data-driven solutions to solve them.


Apixio’s Operations team ensures we operate in a responsible, secure, and compliant manner that mitigates risk for our clients and our company. This team includes finance, legal, and IT functions.

HR and Recruiting

Apixio’s HR and Recruiting team help administrate company policies and benefits, facilitate professional development and growth, and find the best talent to help us move our mission forward.

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