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Acquire Critical Healthcare Data Quickly and Securely

Streamline the chart retrieval and healthcare data acquisition process with flexible interoperability solutions.

How We Support Healthcare Interoperability

Getting timely access to healthcare data and insights has been an ongoing challenge for payers and providers. With the introduction of federal API standards such as FHIR and HL7, healthcare interoperability is now more than just a buzzword—it’s a reality. Apixio’s interoperability technology provides flexible data exchange options and pushes valuable clinical insights to the point of care, reducing provider abrasion and supporting value-based care activities.

Why Plans and Providers Rely on Our Interoperability Solutions

Efficient, Timely, Data Acquisitions

Get the right data to support your program needs quickly and seamlessly.

Deliver Consistent, Accurate Results

Obtain patient data securely, without adding to clinicians’ administrative load.

Flexible Retrieval Methods

Obtain charts directly from EHRs or using alternative digital and onsite methods.

Point-of-Care Patient Insights

Integrate real-time AI-powered patient insights in existing clinician workflows.

Our Interoperability Solutions


InfoStream™ is a healthcare data interoperability platform that integrates with EHRs to efficiently and securely acquire structured and unstructured patient data. This platform also delivers Apixio AI-powered insights at the point of care to streamline provider workflows.

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