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Healthcare Data Interoperability Platform

Streamline your chart retrieval and EHR data acquisition efforts with a flexible interoperability platform that works for your organization and healthcare partners.


Flexible, Automated Healthcare Data Acquisition

Today, clinical and administrative data exchange is a challenge for both plans and providers. To improve the flow of information, healthcare organizations need alternative ways to simplify manual processes and reduce provider abrasion.

Apixio’s InfoStream™ is a healthcare interoperability platform that integrates with EHRs to efficiently acquire patient data. Our multi-modality data acquisition approach supports value-based care activities from risk adjustment to quality abstraction and enables AI-powered insights at the point of care.

The InfoStream Advantage

Efficient, Timely Data Access

Get access to the data you need faster and more frequently to support your programs’ success.

Streamlined Data Acquisition Process

Automate the chart retrieval and data pull process with leading interoperability technology.

Multi-Modal Chart Retrieval Options

Support a comprehensive chart retrieval strategy with alternative acquisition methods.

Bi-Directional Data Exchange

Share continuous data updates and receive opportune AI-powered insights at the point of care.


  • Direct chart retrieval for all major EHRs (Epic, athenahealth, Allscripts, Allscripts, NextGen, Practice Fusion, and more)
  • Streamlined data acquisition using FHIR®, HL7, and proprietary EHR APIs
  • Secure retrieval and encryption of PDF, image, and EHR documents
  • Additional retrieval modalities through provider portals and field resources


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