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Navigating the New Normal: How to Adapt Risk Adjustment in a Hybrid Care Model

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we live and work. The dramatic shifts are perhaps most prominent in the healthcare industry, where we’ve seen a larger portion of patient interactions shift from in-person to remote.

Now as we settle into a hybrid model, blending in-person visits with telehealth based on each patient’s unique needs, risk-bearing providers are struggling to deliver high-quality, scalable care, while still meeting payers’ mandates for accurate documentation, coding and quality of care. Clinical burnout is on the rise, and every minute counts as they have to complete their work within 15-minutes of the patient visit. The current solutions available out of the box for EHRs and telehealth solutions don’t cut it for value-based care.

However, with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions emerging as an essential component of the hybrid care model, regardless of the format of the interaction, these challenges are being addressed in a tech-enabled way that will improve the provider and patient experience and meet payer mandates.

To help providers and payers understand how AI solutions can enhance care delivery in the new normal, Apixio shares our insights and solutions to address the increasingly complex care landscape with our whitepaper Optimizing Patient Care in the New Normal: Strategies for Success in a Hybrid Care Model.

In it, you’ll find analysis of the biggest challenges surrounding telehealth care delivery, including:

  • Missing information with historical patient data that make diagnosing and treating the patient difficult;
  • The varying needs and requirements for risk adjustment among MA, ACA, Medicaid, MSSP, and Direct Contracting;
  • Technical barriers to care that prevent access to telehealth for many patients; and
  • Challenge for telehealth coding and documentation compliance due to risk of fraud.

To learn more about how Apixio’s AI solutions can optimize hybrid care delivery, download the new whitepaper now.

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