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Enable New Possibilities with EHR Interoperability: Unlock Data for Value-based Care

It’s no secret the healthcare industry has a massive data problem. Nearly 80% of the data contained in some 1.2 billion clinical documents created annually is unstructured, which makes it difficult to leverage all the data available to deliver value-based care at scale.

Worse yet, it’s spread across a variety of information systems, devices and applications—including some 100+ different EHRs that struggle to exchange data.

These data silos and the inability to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data effectively are huge obstacles, which ultimately keeps healthcare costs high and negatively impacts care quality and the patient experience.

With CMS and ONC Interoperability Rules, the healthcare industry is moving toward secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information. These rulings and enforcements do not cover all that’s needed to support value-based care. The technology adoption of FHIR® is key in standardizing data sharing, but we are in the early stages of these new possibilities.

Working with leading healthcare organizations over the last ten years, Apixio has seen the evolution of EHR interoperability and experienced the shortcomings of the promise of EHRs from Meaningful Use but also the new opportunities that lie ahead. With lessons learned, Apixio sees new opportunities with our recent launch of InfoStream interoperability platform that unlocks structured and unstructured data, supports real-time chart retrieval from EHRs, and surfaces AI-powered insights at the point of care.

Here is a deeper dive into Apixio’s whitepaper on “The Evolution of EHR Interoperability,” to understand the operational, clinical, and financial challenges to healthcare data analytics success. In it, we explore the current state of the industry, and the tremendous potential for innovation and advances as legislation evolves to support interoperability and solve healthcare data pain points.

Payers and providers can see how implementing solutions like Apixio’s InfoStream now can put them ahead of the game when it comes to achieving their value-based care goals. Having a digital-first approach  saves time, lowers costs, increases data access, and improves risk score accuracy, quality measures, and ultimately, patient care.

To learn more about EHR interoperability and how Apixio’s InfoStream can support chart retrieval and bi-directional EHR integration, download the whitepaper now.

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