Why Do Healthcare Leaders
Choose HCC Profiler?

HCC Profiler is a SaaS application that increases Medicare Advantage
risk adjustment accuracy, productivity, and speed.

Simple EHR
Data Acquisition

Chart Analysis

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Smart HCC


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Don’t Take Our Word For It

“We’ve had tremendous success in capturing valid conditions with no disruption to our provider services.” Jennifer Pereur Director, Government Programs
“I've been astonished to discover how Apixio's clean, simple interface facilitates identification of diagnosis capture opportunities at a high level of efficiency and detail.” Ellen Lingar QA Specialist
“[Apixio's] operation centers on its ability to access undigitized data, then parse, and derive powerful insights from it.” Nitesh Kulkarni Writer, TechCrunch

InfoStream Obtains Patient Data Without Bothering Physician Offices

Instead of the traditional process of acquiring and sorting through paper and electronic charts, we can extract data directly from EHRs, through our InfoStream feature. InfoStream makes chart acquisition simple, reliable, secure and repeatable— no more visits from chart acquisition vendors. If you do prefer it, we also can extract data from scanned and faxed documents.

Apixio’s Cognitive Computing Platform is Powered by Real Experience

6.7 million patients analyzed
560 million patient documents processed
5.6 billion analytic events processed