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Streamline your quality measurement with AI

Quality measurement has become a critical activity for healthcare organizations. For many key quality measures, evidence of member compliance is captured in medical notes, not in administrative or billing data. Consequently, provider groups spend precious time and resources to find measure-related evidence buried in EHRs instead of focusing on patient care.

Apixio Quality Identifier - AI-Powered Clinical Abstraction

Quality Identifier: The fastest way to find clinical facts for quality reporting

Apixio’s Quality Identifier solution uses proprietary AI algorithms to locate relevant clinical facts in medical charts. These facts are presented in an application where abstractors can confirm whether predicted facts demonstrate compliance with relevant measures, significantly reducing the amount of time needed to gather clinical evidence for quality reporting.
Quality Identifier - Reviewer Management Portal

Flexible workflows and user management

Quality Identifier makes it easy to configure routing workflows and abstractor assignments, streamlining your quality measurement program. Managers can assign predicted facts for review and evaluate performance at the project and individual abstractor level. They can also track progress toward predefined numerator goals and timelines in project-level dashboards.
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