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HCC Identifier:
AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Coding & QA

Improve your risk adjustment program’s coding accuracy and efficiency with proven technology.

HCC Identifier

Smart, Streamlined, Scalable Chart Reviews

Risk adjustment coding helps plans and providers develop a complete picture of each patient’s risk profile to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. These programs are hard to scale with manual or immature technology-enabled chart review processes—but the right technology provides a better way forward.

Apixio’s HCC Identifier is the industry-leading AI-powered retrospective risk adjustment coding & QA solution to support complete, accurate, and efficient chart reviews for MA, ACA, and APMs in MSSP or Direct Contracting. Our platform empowers coding teams to work efficiently while getting the most value out of their review efforts.

The HCC Identifier Advantage

Improve Coding Efficiency

Reduce coding time by up to 80%.

Deliver Consistent, Accurate Results

Boost your accuracy by up to 23% with targeted reviews of supporting evidence for uncoded HCCs.

Streamline Project Management

Focus on results with complete project visibility and control over your chart review process.

Maintain High-Quality Coding

Run 3+ levels of QA and recover up to 94% of inappropriate coder rejections.


  • AI-powered net-new HCC code identification
  • 1-click evidence review and QA workflows
  • Coder progress, productivity, and accuracy tracking
  • Inappropriately rejected code recapture
  • 3+ levels of QA reviews


Full-Service Coding Support

Need additional chart review bandwidth? Apixio also provides end-to-end risk adjustment coding and QA services for 1st or 2nd level reviews using HCC Identifier to power our process. We work with in-house, onshore, and offshore coders to flexibly meet your organization’s security requirements and submission deadlines.

Reduce your coding workload by


and focus reviews on charts with predicted at-risk HCCs

Add Apixio’s Trusted Technology to Your Risk Adjustment Coding Programs

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