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The most trusted risk adjustment technology-powered coding service available.

Almost 100 vendor audits have revealed that Apixio's technology powered coding service provides a level of accuracy and productivity that can't be matched. With extensive quality checks, expert coders using organization-specific guidelines, and world-class customer service, leading risk adjustment programs across the country entrust their chart review to Apixio.

Is your coding vendor putting your organization at risk?

If you are not using Apixio as your primary coding solution you are getting incomplete and inaccurate coding results that could be putting your organization at financial and compliance risk. Through 86 second pass coding projects, and millions of charts, we have found that other vendors nearly always miss valuable supported codes as well as submit codes that do not have sufficient supporting evidence.
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of charts found with insufficient supporting evidence

Our AI-powered coding service puts you in the driver seat.

Working with a risk adjustment coding service vendor doesn’t mean your projects need to live in a black box. With Apixio your coding project will be completed in half the time of traditional vendors with increased accuracy, compliance and insights along the way. And with our flexible data acquisition approach it doesn’t matter if your chart data is locked away in an EHR or stored away in pdf or image files. Apixio’s powerful AI platform, expert coding resources and world class customer success team will ensure the entire process is easy and your organization gets results you can trust.

One-Click QA
Our HCC ID Application enables our service customers to have access to the most complete quality assurance review available. Organizations can perform quality assurance in a fraction of the time enabling them to QA up to 100% of their coded opportunities.
Speed & Accuracy

Close the risk gap with Apixio’s Compliance Solutions

Our compliance solutions will help ensure that reported HCCs have sufficient evidence for CMS submission and protect your organization from costly audit and coding compliance failure.

With HCC Auditor, our most robust offering, you can validate the accuracy of HCC Submissions by linking all HCC’s to available source encounter notes, ID unsupported codes and confirm the integrity of your HCC submissions.

Our Zero Evidence Report, helps coders identify HCCs that were submitted successfully to CMS but do not have the required supporting evidence in retrieved charts.

“The coding team was wonderful to work with, and incorporated our specific coding guidelines when working on our project. When they noticed a trend in what we were rejecting, they shared a Coding Clinic we were unaware of for clarification on how to code the scenarios.”
Josh Weisbrod
VP Risk Adjustment
“We’ve previously relied on tedious manual review of our charts that required lots of manpower and physician time...the HCC Profiler has allowed us to mine our EHR and scanned chart data for valid, risk-adjusting conditions with incredible transparency and efficiency.”
Jennifer Pereur
Director, Government Programs
Hill Physicians
“By using Apixio, we’re improving our auditing bandwidth and enhancing the ability of our coders to focus on other chart audits and other projects that we couldn’t do before.”
JoAnn Hayden
Scripps Health Plan Services
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Get the most accurate and compliant coding results for your organization

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