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Improve Point-of-Care Risk Capture and Care Delivery with Reliable Patient Insights

Support timely identification, documentation, and treatment of patient conditions with trusted AI-powered clinical guidance solutions.

How We Support Prospective Diagnosis Gap Closure

Many healthcare organizations wait to identify patient diagnoses until long after services are rendered. As a result, they delay revenue and miss opportunities to improve clinical decision-making. Plans and providers are looking at how to improve their prospective programs through suspecting analytics and implementing pre-visit planning programs with coders or clinical staff who review patient medical histories and identify diagnosis gaps for providers to address during upcoming encounters. Apixio’s clinical guidance solutions provide high-confidence diagnosis gaps and improved workflows to support a more complete and accurate picture of your members’ wellness.

Why Clients Turn to Us for Clinical Guidance

Quickly Evaluate Suspected Patient Diagnoses

View suspected diagnoses identified by advanced AI models.

Efficiently Close Confirmed Diagnosis Gaps

Quickly review and confirm diagnosis gaps within existing workflows.

View Relevant Insights About Patient Health

Inform care delivery with curated health history and condition insights.

Optimize Program Performance and Impact

Measure provider engagement and gap closures to validate and improve results.

Our Clinical Guidance Solutions

Apicare Insights

Apicare Insights™ is an AI-powered prospective analytics solution that helps health plans and providers identify and close existing and suspected risk-adjusting diagnosis gaps for Medicare Advantage. Our technology surfaces actionable patient health insights while measuring the impact of your program’s performance.

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Apicare Pre-Visit

Apicare Pre-Visit™ is an AI-powered workflow solution for providers that give clinical staff a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical record and identifies risk-adjustable health conditions for Medicare Advantage. These actionable insights are shared in clinical workflows before a patient encounter occurs so clinicians can close diagnosis gaps and optimize care delivery.

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Close Patient Diagnosis Gaps and Improve Care with Apixio

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