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Get honest and complete data for every patient, every time.

Apicare Pre-Visit offers unparalleled insights for patients, providers, care teams, and health plans to assist with care, decision-making, administration, and operations.

Data is often inconsistent, duplicative, and not aggregated in a format useable for multiple applications. Few payers have consistent access to electronic health records for reliable, secure, timely retrieval of patient charts. Apicare Pre-Visit addresses the unstructured and semi-structured data that is used by departments for transactional activity, data that is more than often never shared nor used again, by aggregating patient information as it pertains to lab results, diagnoses, appointment history, and much more. Apicare Pre-Visit drives value-based care delivery by directly improving outcomes related to risk adjustment, targeting care gaps, referral management, and appropriate diagnoses.

Apicare Pre-Visit offers a rich, summary view of individual healthcare with searchable details along with helpful guidance, predictions, notifications, and analysis. It is a unique tool that can greatly help improve quality, outcomes, and costs. 


  1. Prep patient charts with speed and accuracy leveraging patient’s longitudinal medical records
  2. Evaluate diagnosis conditions with evidence-based insights for review
  3. Deliver actionable insights into the provider’s EHR workflow
  4. Improved risk capture with higher physician acceptance rates
  5. Gain visibility into your prospective program by measuring performance with Apixio Dashboard