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Blog   |   2.19.16

Ten ICD-10 Codes for Superheroes

It’s Friday, so let’s have some fun. Ever wonder how superheroes explain their on-the-job injuries to doctors? Well we tried to figure that out. After all, even superheroes have to file insurance claims.

Scientist Bruce Banner is exposed to gamma radiation, turning him into the Hulk.

W88.8: Exposure to other ionizing radiation.


Teenager Peter Parker is bitten by spider, giving him spider-like powers.

S50.861A: Insect bite of right forearm, initial encounter.


Captain America falls from a plane and is frozen in a block of ice at the end of World War II.

T68: Hypothermia.


The parents of Bruce Wayne (later Batman) are shot by a petty criminal.

X93: Assault by handgun discharge (firearm only).


Jessica Jones is knocked unconscious by her neighbor, who then releases the supervillain Kilgrave who Jessica was holding hostage in her apartment.

S06.0X4: Concussion with loss of consciousness of 6 hours to 24 hours.


The supervillain Doomsday interrupts a date between Superman and Wonder Woman, and attacks and breaks Wonder Woman’s arm.

S52: Fracture of forearm.


Catwoman drowns after overhearing a secret conversation between a scientist and pharmaceutical company owner about a drug’s harmful side effects. (She is later rescued by an Egyptian cat and given feline powers.)

W16.4 Fall into unspecified water.

The Green Lantern Hal Jordan loses his left arm in a battle with the supervillain Monarch.

S58: Traumatic amputation of elbow and forearm.

Invisible Woman and engineer Reed Richards have a baby.

080: Encounter for full-term uncomplicated delivery.

Magneto throws a spear into Professor Xavier’s back, breaking his spine and paralyzing him.

S32: Fracture of lumbar spine and pelvis.

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Anita Joseph