Unlocking Medical Intelligence – Tackling Healthcare’s “Big Data” Challenge

The historic rollout of Obamacare sends the healthcare industry into uncharted territory. Will the industry be ready for the customized and outcomes-based operating model? The challenge is complicated by large volume of context-sensitive data, data quality and data fragmentation issues. In this episode, we’ll explore Apixio’s technology and how it incorporates natural language processing and machine learning to unlock medical intelligence for better risk assessment and care delivery. Darren Schulte, President and Chief Medical Officer of Apixio, joins Business Reinvention's Nancy Lin for the discussion.

Health 2.0 Apixio & Dell - Risk Assessment and Care Delivery Optimized Using Big Data Analytics

Apixio and Dell co-sponsored panel “Risk Assessment and Care Delivery Optimized Using Big Data Analytics." discusses opportunities for providers and payers to leverage large volumes of clinical and financial data to (1) improve patient risk assessment for value-based contracts and population health initiatives; and (2) achieve personalized care through detailed understanding of optimal care pathways for high value healthcare delivery.

Retrospective Chart Audits and Risk Adjustment Using a Unique Tool and Cutting Edge Technology

Dr. Craig Reich, Chinese Community Healthcare Association (CCHCA), presents challenges faced by a large IPA and health plan in completing restrospective chart audits and risk adjustment for their Medicare Advantage patient population. Dr. Reich highlights successes achieved by CCHCA using a unique tool and cutting edge technology.

Using Big Data Analytics to Optimize Clinical Care Pathways

In this presentation, Dr. Darren Schulte, President and Chief Medical Officer at Apixio will describe how Big Data Analytics can improve problem list accuracy, risk prediction, and quality measurement, all of which is fundamental for optimal patient care and effective population management. 

The Power of Big Data to Solve Real-World Problems

Ketan Paranjape from Intel
Dr. Nigam Shah from Stanford University 
Rajiv Synghal from Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Mark Musco from Muir Medical Group IPA 
Vishnu Vyas from Apixio

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