HIT Voice™ episodes feature providers, academics, and leaders in Health Information Technology to address issues affecting patients, healthcare providers, and technologists. Explore issues such as meaningful use, challenges to the adoption of information technology in healthcare, and new developments aimed at improving care-coordination and clinical decision making.


HIT Voice: Jacob Reider

In this episode of HIT Voice™, Deputy National Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Dr. Jacob Reider, shares his insights and passion for information technology in medicine, the road ahead as an effect of government incentives, and the role of technology as a beneficial facet of patient care.

HIT Voice: Mark Musen

In this episode of HIT Voice™, Professor of Medicine and Director of Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Dr. Mark Musen, discusses technology's role in improving health care coordination and some of the challenges of implementing an effective system.

HIT Voice: Bob Dolin

In this episode of HIT Voice™, Dr. Bob Dolin, Chairman of HL7, formerly Chief Terminologist of Kaiser Permanente, and currently President & CMO of Lantana Consulting Group, discusses standards based practices and strategies, the importance of an incremental approach to adoption, and the significance of standards for storing data in the cloud.

HIT Voice: Farzad "Zod" Nazem

In this episode of HIT Voice™, former Yahoo CTO and Apixio Platform Thought Leader, Farzad "Zod" Nazem, discusses the evolution of the internet and mobile technology in the past decade and offers his perspective on the current state of technology in the health care field.

HIT Voice: Matthew Holt

In this episode of HIT Voice™, Matthew Holt, Founder of Health 2.0 and The Health Care Blog discusses the importance of fostering community around health IT, consumer influence on technology in healthcare, and the Health 2.0 movement.

HIT Voice: Neda Pakdaman

In this episode of HIT Voice™, Dr. Neda Pakdaman, Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Stanford University Hospital, shares insights on how search and mobile access to patient health information helps her in her medical practice. Dr. Bob Rogers, Chief Scientist at Apixio, discusses the importance of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that drive Apixio to help physicians like Dr. Pakdaman.


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