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​4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Bend Health Care’s Cost Curve

Darren Schulte, MD

Estimates suggest that the United States wastes more than $1 trillion each year on health care (one-third of all health care spending). This waste includes over-treatment, seeing multiple doctors unnecessarily, care delivery failure and lack of care coordination. Unfortunately, health care cost-cutting measures have historically made matters worse in the United States, often cutting back access […]

Apixio CEO Talks Data and Healthcare in Tech Podcast

Anita Joseph

Calling all podcast listeners! Apixio CEO Darren Schulte, MD is featured in the latest episode of The Tech Blog Writer. Download the full episode to hear what Dr. Schulte has to say about leading the data-driven revolution in healthcare. Find the link here.

Practice Based Evidence: The Cure to the Ills of Evidence Based Medicine

Darren Schulte, MD

We are at a crossroads in our collective quest to improve healthcare delivery. For decades, thousands of academic studies have been conducted to tell us what might or might not work in patient care. Like clockwork, what was truth yesterday is overturned with the latest study. Women should take estrogen supplements to help prevent chronic […]

Why Digital Health Companies Will Fail Without Risk Identification Analytics

Darren Schulte, MD

Payers are the real customers for healthcare technology, and they care about cost. It’s well understood that having great technology is an essential starting point for any tech company. But the companies that ultimately succeed will have also identified and executed a business model on which to achieve strong growth. In healthcare that means having […]

What’s Wrong With Physician Coding?

Darren Schulte, MD

Today physicians are increasingly dissatisfied with the practice of medicine, especially primary care providers. According to Merritt Hawkins’ 2014 Survey of America’s Physicians, 44% of doctors plan to cut back on patients seen, retire, work part-time, or seek a non-clinical jobs. This comes at exactly the wrong time. It is predicted that we will have […]

Mind the Gap: Where Evidence-Based Medicine Fails

Darren Schulte, MD

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a popular approach to helping physicians make appropriate care decisions. It has gained tremendous popularity within the medical community; in a 2013 survey, 75% of health system chief medical officers said that EBM had gained some acceptance in their organization. EBM can be a very valuable way to provide treatment guidance […]

A Key for Effective Population Management: Use of Proper Risk Adjustment Data

Darren Schulte, MD

The way that America pays for healthcare is changing completely. We are moving away from a “fee-for-service” healthcare system, where clinicians are paid for every service provided, to a “fee for value” one where teams of clinicians are paid to keep individuals healthy in a cost-effective way. Studies have shown that “fee-for-service” payment incentivizes too much […]