Apixio Big Data Technology Stack

The Apixio technology stack leverages proven technologies to support data-driven decision-making. Apixio analyzes EHR data, text, scanned documents, claims and administrative data with machine learning algorithms and NLP to make all aspects of care transparent and all clinical information queryable for analysis, visualization and reporting.

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Our Technology

Apixio Data Pipeline: Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) of All Data Types Relevant to Healthcare Decision Making

  • Clinical text

  • Scanned documents

  • Coded data from EHR, administrative system and claims

  • Highly scalable infrastructure supports daily data updates for any size organization

Text Mining and Analytics: Apixio Data Science Gives Meaning to Diverse Healthcare Data

  • Machine learning to classify documents and to identify clinical context
  • Text mining and NLP to find key concepts in documents and to clarify their meaning
  • Knowledge engineering, including biomedical ontologies and knowledge graphs, to unify coded data with textual data
  • Human validation workflow to ensure quality of results and to automatically feed results back to improve algorithms

Apixio Data Network: Apixio Securely Routes Data and Analytics to Applications 

  • Apixio API to supply raw data and results to high performance, web-based HCC Optimizer and Care Optimizer
  • Scalable data infrastructure to support huge queryable clinical datasets for reporting, visualization and ad hoc analysis