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An ICD-10 Holiday Special: When “Ho, ho, ho!” turns into “Oh, no, no!”

The holiday are upon us, which means gifts, family, friends and plenty of tasty treats. Let’s not forget though that through the rush of preparing and celebrating a number of injuries can occur. To keep you safe through the holidays, keep in mind the following ICD-10 codes.


Hanging bright lights on your roof so you can be the pride of the neighborhood? Just be sure the ladder is on stable ground. S93.412A Sprain of calcaneofibular ligament of left ankle, initial encounter.


As you’re running through a crowded airport to proclaim your love for your crush before they fly off forever, leave the luggage behind. Just think of the movie “Plane, Trains, and Automobiles”. S39.92XS Unspecified injury of lower back, sequela.


Do your gifts have so much wrapping, bows, and string they could be a department store window? Well careful that when your loved ones open all those layers they don’t get papercuts. W27.5XXA Contact with paper-cutter, initial encounter.


Did you use three extension cords to get the maximum number of lights on your tree? Well careful when plugging it all in, unless you’d like a new hair style. 994.8 Current, electricity, effects.


Skiing is a classic winter sport, but we all know we can’t all be Shaun White on the slopes. V00.321S Fall from snow-skis, sequela.


Alright, clear your driveway from snow, but make sure to use your legs and not just your back. Otherwise your dream of a white Christmas will turn into a nightmare. Y93.H1 Activity, digging, shoveling and raking.


Strapping on a pair of ice skates and going around and around in circles is one of the small pleasure of the holidays. But you’re not Tara Lipinski — don’t go for a triple axel. V00.211S Fall from ice-skates, sequela.

Photo Courtesy- National Pork Board

When that holiday ham comes out of the kitchen, everyone races to the dinner table. But don’t rush the cooking process, make sure that meat is nice and cooked. Otherwise you might spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom. E865.0 Accidental poisoning by meat.


Caramel apple cider? Cinnamon hot chocolate? Gingerbread creme brulee latte? Whatever your hot holiday drink of choice, don’t drink it all in one gulp. T28.0 Burn of mouth and pharynx.


A winter wonderland horse ride in Central Park is something out of a fairytale, but take heed around these powerful animals. W55.12XA Struck by horse, initial encounter.


Here at Apixio, we’d like to offer precautions against potential holiday blunders so you can enjoy a lovely holiday with your family and friends!

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